Tips for best boudoir experience

What to Wear

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We are so excited for your upcoming boudoir session, as we hope you are too! Often our clients find that once the thrill of booking a session has settled in, they are faced with an overwhelming number of decisions to be made regarding what to wear during the big day. To make this task a little easier, and to make sure that you are completely happy with the way you look on the day, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when planning your sexy outfits. it is never too early to start planning, and we hope that this comprehensive guide can help you, and may even serve as an inspiration to do some shopping!

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear check out our Pinterest page!


Bring heels! Heels are probably the most important part of any boudoir wardrobe. And they’re sexy! Rule of thumb- the higher the better. Wearing high heels elongates your legs, makes them look thinner and straightens out your posture, making your tummy appear flatter and your posterior curved out. Black pumps are a classic and go well with any outfit, but bring several pairs for us to decide on on the day.

Don’t worry if you can’t walk in them comfortably, as long as you can strike a pose you’re good to go.

Wear your sexiest bra & panty set. Black is a staple, however we much prefer lighter, pastel coloured lingerie. Contrary to popular belief, white is very slimming and gives a sense of luxury. Stay away from any neon or super bright colours as they don't tend to photograph well. Stockings & a garter belt make great sexy accessories!

A little note on stockings - If your legs have a little extra jiggle make sure to not buy hold-ups (stockings with a sticky plastic panel on the top). These can squish your thighs giving you unattractive muffin tops on your legs! Instead opt in for stockings that require a garter belt to be held up, as these will be far more forgiving. 

Get Creative with your wardrobe choices. You can incorporate your job or your hobby into the shoot. You can even bring props such as a guitar or a leather bike jacket. If you’re gifting these images to a lover, dress up in an oversized sports jersey or a men’s white shirt and tie.

Accentuate your assets. Draw attention to those lips by wearing a bright red lipstick. Emphasise your killer legs with stockings. Dress up that long neck with a necklace. Whatever your best features may be, own them!

Get a good nights sleep before the session. Drink plenty of water 1-2 days and don’t eat anything heavy for up to 12 hours leading up to your big moment.


Don’t forget the Nails! Treat yourself to a mani/pedi before the session to complete the look. Even a splash of nail polish at home will do it. We’re going for a luxurious look here and chipped nail polish really doesn’t cut it.

Don’t go baggy if you’re curvy. You may want to hide your belly or thighs and instinctively grab that babydoll, but trust us. Hiding problem areas with baggy clothing will have the exact opposite effect on camera. It may even draw attention to the area and make you look bigger. Flaunt your curves in tight outfits instead and let us know of any insecurities you may have. We can work with them and through posing and camera angles we will make you look like a million dollars!

Don’t experiment with treatments before the session! These include a chemical peel, spray tan or Brazilian wax. If you have never had these treatments done before, you have no idea how your skin is going to react!

Don’t be shy! Feel free to ask us for a specific pose that you want or an outfit you really want to wear. After all, this is YOUR session and our job is to make sure you are completely in love with the images that we take.

More tips:

Go for glamorous Hair & Make-up. This is no time to go for understated. Think big hair, bright lipstick or even a smoky eye.

We highly recommend getting your hair & makeup professionally done before the session. If you’re looking for Hair/MUAs we have a list of recommended artists in the area.

Leave the sex toys at home. The portraits are all about fantasy and the unseen. By all means, flirty or even kinky props are encouraged if you’re into it, but let’s not get too graphic.

Avoid logos, characters and words. We want the focus to be on your beautiful face, not on what’s written on your t-shirt. Large brand labels also date the photos. Playful sports jerseys are an exception.