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Boudoir Photography – What To Expect

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If you’re thinking about having a sensual boudoir session, you’ve come to the right place! There's a reason Boudoir is becoming so popular, the stunning, sexy images we create will make an excellent unforgettable, steamy gift for a lover, or a great confidence building experience for yourself. Most of us have no idea how truly sexy we are! You’ll want to show off these pictures to that special person in your life, whether as a gift to your groom on your wedding day, or in a beautiful album for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday… or maybe just because 😉

Many of our clients arrive feeling a bit anxious and insecure about their bodies at first, but leave the studio feeling sexier than ever! They are so excited because they’ve never seen themselves look so beautiful in photos before! They end up loving their photos so much they usually buy the whole digital package and an album because they don't want to lose a single photo. In fact, many of them vow to return for another session in a couple of months. 

If you’re thinking that you don’t look like the women in our portfolio, worry not! You don’t feel as sexy because we haven’t photographed you yet! We are women ourselves and we know all too well how it can feel the first time you’re doing a photoshoot like this. We will guide you along with tips and ideas, and even step by step poses if you need the help.

Check out this video below to get a feel for what kind of fun goes on in our studio – a whole lot of sexy pow!


Preparing for your session

Girls only! Our team consists solely of women! So you can relax and feel more comfortable in front of camera.

You can bring a female friend with you if you wish, however we do not allow men on the set. Not even boyfriends. Friends are not permitted to take photos of any kind during the session.
(From our experience, however, coming alone usually translates into better focus and therefore better photos as you’re not distracted by the friend or worrying about what she thinks)

Pretty up. Please arrive to the session with your hair and make-up ready to go, as you don’t want the preparations to take out of shooting time. We highly recommend having your hair & make-up professionally done beforehand. Feeling all-made-up  really adds to self-confidence and makes the photos even more special. If you’re looking for hair and makeup artists in the area, we can recommend some.

Dress up. Within the 45 minute session we can fit in 3 outfit changes, sometimes even 4. So bring at least 3-4 outfits with you, we will help pick the best ones if you like. Please check out our “what to wear” page for inspiration and ideas. We also have some clothing and accessories in the studio available for your use if needed.

After the session:
Two weeks or so after your session, when the photo edits are finished, you will receive an email to book your photo review and ordering appointment at the studio. We will cozy up with a cup of something warm and look through 50-100 final images from your sexy shoot. You will choose your favourite photos for printing, and we can also look at some other fun gift ideas that you can do. All of the photo choosing and ordering decisions have to be made at this appointment. There’s never any pressure to order anything else beyond your package, but we find that most of our clients love their photos so much that they end up purchasing their digital files and an album and/or a large display for the bedroom. Most spend about 400-1200 on additional custom products. Your ordered prints will be ready a week after our photo review meeting. Depending on what other products you may have ordered, it can take 1 to 4 weeks to produce all items, so make sure you book your shoot well in advance for any special occasions. Rush processing of images can be purchased for an extra fee if you’re in a hurry.
Other FAQ

Our studio is located at 602a Fleet Street (Bathurst and Lakeshore area), however boudoir photo sessions take place in the building next door. We are easily accessible by public transport with a streetcar stop right in front, and there are some metered parking options nearby. Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for parking if you’re driving.

Cancellations or rescheduling within 7 days of your initial booking will incur a $29 fee. There are no exceptions, as we have likely turned clients away for that specific time to accommodate you.

All photos are lightly edited for colour, exposure and creative consistency. Cropped, straightened and perfected to showcase you best. Custom retouching like airbrushing or body contouring is available for $30 per edit per image if needed, however most of our clients love the images the way they are presented thanks to our shooting and editing style – modern, airy feel and universally flattering bright skin tones.

Your photographs will not be used in our portfolio unless you have explicitly given us permission to do so. A discount of 10% will be applied toward your digital files purchase if you do chose to have your images featured.

Make the most of your experience!

For many of our clients, this experience is a once in a lifetime event. They arrive quite nervous, and leave feeling more beautiful and sexier than ever! We rarely get a chance to get pampered and to truly spend time on ourselves. Our boudoir sessions are self-esteem building experiences, designed to make our clients feel great in their own skin. It's not about photographing perfection, it's about celebrating your sexiest-self right now.

This is why many of our clients rarely stick to their purchased package. They love their photos so much that they cannot imagine leaving the ordering session without all of their favourites. Many end up ordering digital files as well as an album for the complete experience. A wonderful way to stock up for gifts to S.O. for upcoming occasions!


Still unsure if YOU can pull this off? Here’s a joke that made us smile – “it only feels kinky the first time” 😉


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You guys made my first boudoir shoot as comfortable as can be with your direction and supportive compliments. I can't thank you enough, and I can't wait to see my album! - Lilly, Boudoir Client

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