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The photo ordering process

ordering process
Once your images are processed, you will receive an email to book your viewing session letting you know that your photos are ready! We often get asked how much extra products not included in the package are. Our clients love their image so much that rarely stick to the package that they purchased. After all, you went through all the time and effort to get all sexy, wouldn’t you want more?

During the ordering session you will have the chance to view around 50-100 of your best images. We will offer our expertise when it comes to choosing the best shots as well as what to do with them next!

All the decisions have to be made at this session and all sales are final. We cannot offer extra viewing sessions, so be prepared to make decisions on the day. Any images that you don’t order or haven’t signed a release for will be deleted after your session!

You and only you may attend the photo ordering session. We have a rescheduling fee of $29 if you do not show or cancel the appointment 24 hours before.

All of our clients end up loving their final images, and most choose to buy the entire session in digital files as well as an album! If you’re stumped for what products to order, feel free to read through this page about the different types of products and our personal recommendations!

While there is no pressure to purchase anything outside of the package, we bet that you will love your images so much that you will want all of them!

Some of our clients find that they did not budget for their desired products but simply cannot leave the session without all the images.  If you find yourself in this position, worry not - we will work with you!!! We can set up a payment plan where you only pay $200 upfront and pay off the rest in installments over the next 12 weeks. We created some beautiful portraits together. Trust us, we don’t want to see them deleted either!

You look stunning!  You have a ton of images that you love, so don't leave them to be deleted! Choose your favorites and then decide which option of prints, albums or digitals works best for you. 

I literally just died. You made me look so pretty I could cry. The pictures are amazing. Thank you - Miyuki, boudoir client

Product information & recommendations

If you're giving these photos as a gift, an album is absolutely the best option! It's a tangible gift they can keep for many years to come. Our beautiful, modern albums make the perfect gifts and keepsakes. Luxurious finishes, top quality craftsmanship paired with classic design and your stunning photos - perfection! A variety of sizes, cover styles and designs for every budget. And remember, we offer payment plans if you need some extra help.

The best part! Pair our "Want it all" album with all of your digital images & receive $200 dollars off the final price!

square - Renzo Mini

Petite Book


4x5in / 5x5in

20 thin lustre pages

Minimal design

Leatherette / Linen / Faux Silk Cover

Fits 10-20 images


Classic Book


Our most popular item!

6x8in / 8x8in

20 thin lustre pages

Minimal design

Leatherette or Bling cover

Fits 10-20 images


Signature Book


8x11in / 10x10in

20 thin lustre pages

Fully custom, complex design

Leatherette or Bling cover with optional peekaboo window

Fits 20-40 images


Digitals are our best selling product.  People like to keep these memories. Although we cannot release the printing rights over the images since we need to maintain the quality, you can do whatever you want with these web-sized images in the digital format.  Password protected, private web gallery is also included for easy access and anytime sharing! And if you want to show off your photos on Facebook or other social media, there will be some appropriate photos too ;).  You look stunning, why wouldn't you want your friends to at least see a couple of the headshots?  Digitals can be used in so many ways and preserved on your computer for the future, which is why most of our clients choose to get the all images package.

5 images 10 images All images
$350 $500 $600
Plaque - MDF board mount - three eigths of an inch thick with bevelled white painted edges

If you're looking to flaunt your gorgeousness, plaque wall prints are for you! Plaques are 3/8 inch thick boards with hand painted and beveled edges and are completely finished and ready to hang. No need for a frame! They offer a modern and clean look and make an ideal gift for a loved one or yourself!
We recommend three 16x20's over the bed. It looks classy and romantic, and it's a lot more meaningful than some abstract painting from a home decor store!

8x10 & under 11x14 16x20 20x30 30x40
$75 $115 $180 $270 $485
Unframed prints are available upon request. Prices start at $50. More products are available for purchase once a spending limit is reached. Opt for rush processing ($75 for 2 business days turnaround) of your session images if you are in a hurry. This will allow us to schedule your image review appointment for as soon as two business days after your session, schedule permitting. Image retouching is available at $20 per edit, per photo. Skin smoothing, blemish removal, body shaping, aging signs, etc - leave the small stuff to us for maximum confidence.
Don't lose your images!

We have had such an amazing experience together! We love your images, and we hope you do too! Don't let them be deleted! There is no pressure to purchase anything outside of your package, but almost all of our clients do because they love what we have created together so much!

You've seen just how many great shots we got, don't let them go to waste and let's make some beautiful, luxurious, high quality products together! Once again, we do offer payment plans if your imagination is bigger than your budget. So don't miss this opportunity!

Just unwrapped the album, it's simply breathtaking! Great work in capturing my best angles, I didn't know I could look like this. Also I am glad I went with your suggestion of getting an album. Thanks a lot, my husband is gonna go crazy!!!! 
- Monica, boudoir client