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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a session cost?
Our standard, 45-minute session is 245. This session usually includes 3-4 outfit changes and will yield around 50-100 images. Due to the time restriction this session does not include tasteful nudes. Our "Full Monty" session lasts 2-3 hours and costs 450. If you want more time or to be a little more provocative, this session is for you. This session includes tasteful nudity and will yield about 100-150 images.
Are digital files included in the session fee?

Your session fee includes our time and expertise and two 4x6 prints.

Digitals and any other products can be ordered during our viewing session. You can find our pricing and ordering process here.

Is hair & make-up included in the session fee?

Hair & make-up is not included in the session fee, and we cannot allocate time for it during your session, so please arrive prettied up and ready to be photographed.

We highly recommend having your hair & make-up professionally done beforehand. Feeling all-made-up  really adds to self-confidence and makes the photos even more special. If you’re looking for hair and makeup artists in the area, we can recommend some.

Is the location included? Do I have to book a hotel?

Yes, the location is included in the session fee!

Our studio is located at 602a Fleet Street (Bathurst and Lakeshore area), however boudoir photo sessions take place in the building next door. We are easily accessible by public transport with a streetcar stop right in front, and there are some metered parking options nearby. Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for parking if you’re driving.

There is an extra charge for on location photography if you wish for us to travel to you or you wish to book a hotel.

What other products do you offer?

Check out our gift ideas guide for information on any products that we offer. Certain items are only available once the spending limit is reached.

Who is the photographer?

Your photographer will be either Vaida or Ella.

We are both female photographers with plenty of experience in front of the camera as well as behind it. We know all the sexy tips and little secrets to make your images that extra sexy pow.

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Do you work on Weekends?


For most of us, weekends are a time to relax from the grind, kick back and spend those precious fleeting moments with our families and friends. While there may be a Saturday available here and there, we try to keep those few days free from work.

The best time to book is during the week. Our standard session is 45 minutes long, the length of an extended lunch break and we are conveniently located downtown.

Alternatively, why not take a day for yourself off work, get pampered, prettied up and let's create some magic!

Who will be present during my session?

You, the photographer, sometimes a female assistant. That's it.

Can I bring a friend?

If it will make you feel more comfortable, you may absolutely bring a female friend with you, however we do not allow men on the set. Not even boyfriends. Friends are not permitted to take photos of any kind during the session.
(From our experience, however, coming alone usually translates into better focus and therefore better photos as you’re not distracted by the friend or worrying about what she thinks)

What do I need to bring for my session?

During a standard 45-minute session we can usually fit in about 3-4 outfits. Bring the lipstick for quick touch ups, and you're good to go! Stuck for ideas on what to wear? Check out our what to wear page.

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Do you edit the images?

All of the images are lightly edited for colour, cropping and consistency before your viewing session.

Custom retouching like airbrushing or body contouring is available for $30 per edit per image if needed, however most of our clients love the images the way they are presented thanks to our shooting and editing style – modern, airy feel and universally flattering bright skin tones.

Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/husband to my viewing session?

Only you may attend the viewing session. If you arrive with anybody else they will be asked to leave for lunch or coffee until we have completed the session.

I'm so excited! How long till I get my photos?

After your session, the photographs take about two weeks for processing. Rush processing of images can be purchased for an extra fee if you’re in a hurry. You will then be sent an email to book a viewing session.

After this session 4x6 prints will be ready within a week. Depending on what other products you may have ordered, it can take 1 to 4 weeks to produce all items, so make sure you book your shoot well in advance for any special occasions.

If I need this for a special occasion, how far in advance should i book?

If you are booking this for a special occasion here are some timelines for our products.

Digitals- 7 days after the review session.

Plaque Wall Art- 2-3 weeks after the review session.

Accordion Brag Books- 2-3 weeks after the review session.

Presentation Box & Prints- 2-3 weeks after the review session.

Image Cube- 2-3 weeks after the review session.

Albums - 3-4 weeks after the review session.

Will my photos be on the internet?
Your photographs will not be used in our portfolio or anywhere else unless you have explicitly given us permission to do so. If you do choose to have your images featured we will gift you an 8x12 print!
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I would love to try it but I'm nervous!

That is absolutely normal!

Many of our clients arrive feeling nervous, but leave the studio feeling sexier than ever! They are so excited because they’ve never seen themselves look so beautiful in photos before!

We are an all-female team, and we have the same insecurities and reservations that you do. We have spent plenty of time in front of the camera as well as behind, so we know all the tips and tricks, the poses, the angles and the little secrets to make YOU look truly amazing!

I'm not as young / skinny / pretty as the women on your site...

Get over yourself.

Every woman we shoot complains about something about her body.

The girl with gorgeous hair hates her legs.
The girl with the perfect booty says her breasts are too small.
The girl with amazing curves doesn't like her smile.

You don't look as sexy because we haven't photographed you yet!

I take terrible pictures...

Good. We will take the pictures.

Your job is to show up and have fun!

I'm not comfortable being fully nude...

Good, then let's not do fully nude.

We always discuss your comfort level before we get started, so that we are all clear on the final outcome of your session. Remember, it's YOUR session, be as conservative or as provocative as you like!

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